Oyster Point Oyster Stout

April and I decided to take a trip up to San Francisco to head to the 21st Amendment Brew Pub for dinner. There was quite a waiting list, so we decided to go to the Giants game instead. Before heading down to the stadium, we grabbed a beer at 21st APB, since we were already there. I noticed on the beer board that they had an oyster stout (!?!) on tap. Apparently the beer is brewed with oyster shells. Oysters and stout are a classic combo, and I love ’em both, so it’s a win-win!

The Verdict:

Well it’s not a bad stout. It smells a little nutty with a hint of chocolate. No oyster. The flavor is a strong coffee with a little bit of nuttiness attached. No oyster! There was some also some nice dark chocolate in there, and some bitterness for a nice balance. Still no oyster! I TRIED to taste the oyster. I wanted to taste it. Kinda disappointed.

What Have We Learned?

The label lied to me again! For those of you wondering, yes I really did want to taste shellfish in my beverage. A little bit. Some mineralness (spellcheck) at least. I do like eating oysters while drinking stout, so I know they go well together. I’ve never had oysters and stout at THE EXACT SAME TIME before, although that gives me an idea….::evil laugh::


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